Expert Witness Consulting Agreement

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A breakdown of the expert`s rate of pay is a necessary clause that must be included in any conservation agreement. An expert may be compensated on a flat-rate or hourly basis. The royalty system should determine whether the expert calculates different rates for preliminary and additional periods. In addition, all costs incurred by the expert that are subject to reimbursement. B such as shipping, equipment, travel and kilometres, accommodation and meals, should be broken down. As part of the royalty determination, the expert must present periodic accounts to the lawyer, subject to the time specified in the contract. In some cases, it may be advantageous to have a general schedule for the date when certain work is to be completed. Depending on the field, the preparation of an expert may include verifying large documents, conducting experiments or analyzing scientific methods. By planning and bypassing the specifics of an expert`s work, the expert and lawyer will understand more clearly when certain tasks are performed.

In determining what is a fair and reasonable right of testimony for experts, some or all of the following factors should be taken into account:1 Whenever the advance is exhausted, an advance after the fact [an amount equal to 10 times the physician`s hourly rate] is immediately due, against which each additional hour is charged at the rate of [hour] per hour. Unlike the initial case opening, verification and consultation fees, which are ten times the non-refundable hourly rate of the expert, the unused portion of one of these subsequent services [an amount equal to ten times the expert`s hourly rate] (during that period prior to the appointment or authorization of the expert) is returned if my services are no longer required. (1) time spent auditing, producing, reporting, travelling or testifying; (2) the required level of knowledge, learning or skills; (3) effort; (4) The singularity of the expert`s qualifications; (5) Up-to-date and reliable statistical income information provided by similarly established experts; (6) The amounts charged for similar services by similarly established experts; (7) The amount of other unreported professional fees; and (8) The consequences on the expert`s practice, if any, due to planning difficulties, other obligations or other problems. If, on the basis of the first audit and consultation, you divided me as an expert in the case, I must have received an additional non-refundable payment equal to ten times the hourly rate of the expert prior to my appointment as an expert.